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10 Great Reasons to choose Artificial Flowers

Updated: May 1

1. Artificial Flowers don't need watering or maintenance and they won't wilt or droop

2. No sneezing, itching and watering eyes for Hayfever sufferers

3. Nowadays Artificial Flowers look very realistic. It's hard to tell the difference between artificial and fresh.

4. Enjoy your favourite flowers whatever the season.

5. Artificial flowers are a fantastic choice for Weddings as you can order early, and keep them ready for the day, without any last minute stress. Perfect for Desination Weddings too as you can just take them with you without the need to arrange flowers with an unknown florist before you go.

6. Silk flower arrangements can be used in places that aren't suitable for real flowers, such as dark corners or sunny windowsills.

7. Use silk flowers to co-ordinate with your Decor or add bright splashes of colour to match other accessories or soft furnishings.

8. Artificial Wedding Flowers can be kept forever. Every Bride will want to keep their Bridal Bouquet, but guests also love to keep their buttonholes as a momento and Flower Girl Wands will conjuer up a little magic for many months to come!

9. Wedding Centrepieces make a lovely thank you gift for family and friends.

10. Artificial flowers are long lasting so they are a cost effective option as they will stay looking great and won't need to be replaced every week or so, as fresh flowers would.

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