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Why choose Artificial Wedding Flowers?

Everyone loves fresh flowers but they can be very expensive, inclined to droop or wilt during the day and you won’t see them before the morning of your Wedding. If you suffer from Hayfever they are probably not something you want too close to you on your big day. After all the preparation and anticipation, sneezing and running mascara are probably not what you have in mind!

Artificial flowers for weddings can be made in silk or velvet foam. Nowadays silk flowers are incredibly realistic and many people (and insects!) find it hard to tell the difference. Velvet foam flowers are usually Roses and are available in a huge range of colours. They make gorgeous, more compact bouquets and are an ideal base for adding any number of embellishments, such as pearls, crystals, brooches, feathers, beads, butterflies or lace.

Overall, artificial flowers are an ideal option that will look fantastic all day and can be kept as a memento forever. Have your favourite flowers or colours whatever the time of year and as they can be ordered in advance, you will receive them before your Wedding Day relieving yet another one of those last minute worries.

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