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Royal Wedding Weekend in Windsor

Here at Silk Flower House we love weddings, so we can’t let the biggest wedding of the year pass by without talking about it!

The marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle will take place at Windsor Castle on Saturday (19th May)

Living near Windsor, we often take a walk there on Saturday mornings, along the river, feeding the swans and ducks as we go, then up the hill to the Castle. If we are lucky there is Changing of the Guard at 11am which is always fantastic to watch. Unfortunately for us, Windsor is off the agenda this Saturday! Roads will be closed, car parks will be full and people will be lining the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of the procession.

The schedule for the day will go like this. (I would normally say “expected to go like this” but being a Royal Wedding I’m sure it will go like clockwork!)

At 9am over 2000 members of the public, who have been invited inside the castle grounds, will begin to arrive. Between 9.30am and 11.30am the wedding guests will arrive by coach at the Round Tower and walk into St George's Chapel. At 11.20am members of the Royal Family will begin to arrive and enter the chapel. Harry and his Best Man (the Duke of Cambridge) will arrive at the chapel and the Queen will be the last member of the Royal Family to arrive for the wedding service.

Around the same time, Meghan and her mother will leave the location where they stayed the night and will travel to the Castle by car along part of the Long Walk. Meghan will be joined by some of the Bridesmaids and Page Boys (possibly Prince George and Princess Charlotte amongst them?) and will be walked down the aisle by her Father for the Service which begins at 12.

At 1pm the newlyweds will leave the church and begin a carriage procession which will take them out of the Castle down Castle Hill, along the High Street and through the town returning to the castle along the Long Walk.

We can’t wait to see ‘The Dress’ and ‘The Flowers’ and hopefully there will be some brotherly antics from William and Harry too!