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Why choose artificial wedding flowers?

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Artificial Wedding Flowers Mother with Bridal Bouquet and Flower Girl with a posy

Artificial Wedding Flowers are the perfect match for your wedding day.

As an allergy sufferer, fresh flowers just wouldn't be an option for me. Can you imagine spending your Wedding Day sneezing and make up running everywhere? That would be a definite NO, so that could be your first reason to choose Artificial Wedding Flowers!

You may also be concerned whether those very expensive fresh flowers will actually last all day. What a dissappointment it would be to find them drooping and wilting before the reception even starts, and the hotter the day, the quicker it will happen.

Artificial Wedding Flowers are the way to go.

You can order months in advance if you want to, which will help spread the wedding costs and will be another job to cross off the list. They will be delivered in plenty of time, so you will know exactly what you're having and can store them safely until the big day.

Your Wedding Flowers can be made with silk flowers or velvet foam flowers

Our high quality Silk flowers look incredibly real and it's hard to tell the difference. They are great for creating the more natural styles of wedding flowers.

Velvet Foam Flowers, usually Roses, Peonies or Carnations, are available in a huge range of colours and they make gorgeous, more compact bouquets, an ideal base for adding any number of embellishments, such as pearls, crystals, brooches, feathers, beads, butterflies or lace.

Overall, artificial flowers are a great choice that will look fantastic all day and can be kept as a memento forever.

Have your favourite flowers or colours whatever the time of year and as they can be ordered in advance, you will receive them before your Wedding Day relieving yet another one of those last minute worries.


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