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At Silk Flower House, we provide a wide selection of artificial plants that are perfect for any home or business. Shop our Artificial Plant Shop below,  for a range of 'real look', vibrant, long-lasting artificial plants that require no watering or maintenance. No more brown tinged leaves or fungus gnats.  If you have ever had an outbreak of fungus gnats amongst your houseplants you will understand the annoyance of them, and they are often brought in by the addition of a new plant which will then spread amongst all your plants. 
Our artificial houseplants will bring life and colour to your living or work space and add that beautiful, calming look and touch of nature without any extra work or hassle. 
Our goal is to make it easy to enjoy the beauty of lush greenery without the inconvenience of caring for a living plant.

We offer our artificial plants in a range of colours and sizes of pot, but if you would like any of these plants in a particular colour of size of container please Contact Us and we will be happy to accommodate your requirements.

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