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Silk Flower House offer beautiful silk flower bouquets that are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting floral display. Our bouquets come ready to be placed or arranged in your own vase, making them a great choice if you already have plenty of vases, especially a few favourite ones. We also gift wrap our bouquets, making them a perfect present for a special occasion. With our silk flower bouquets, you can enjoy months of vibrant colours without any of the hassle of watering, maintenance or allergies.

From the smaller Cottage Garden style bouquets to the larger, elegant 'Shades' collection, these silk flower bouquets will make the perfect addition to any Home or Business. 

With high quality Artificial Flowers it's hard to tell the difference between real flowers and fake flowers.and as we all rush around in our busy lives, it's the ideal solution to brightening up your home without any watering or maintenance.  You will also save money as they won't need to be replaced every week or so. 

It's a Win Win situation!


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